Siku Jewelry


Style & Quality


Siku pronounced SEE-ku is more than just a jewelry line. It is a concept. Siku means "sea ice" in the Inuit language. We chose this name to emphasize the importance of ice in the global environment in light of the depreciating amount due to climate change. 

We here at Siku uphold ourselves to the highest standards in design and production. All of our pieces are made in the U.S.A. Our casting metals are 100% recycled and refined from the jewelry industry and never from a mine. Our packaging is made from 74% recycled content (65% post-consumer and 9% post-industrial), is recyclable, and made in the U.S.A. All business, and insert cards are made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper that’s FSC certified and produced using wind power.  


The Idea

The fashion industry is the second leading pollutant in the world, after oil. Siku seeks to change this. Instead of perpetuating the problem, we provide solutions. We do this by educating consumers, and offering more ethical products in the global marketplace. Without sacrificing design, we bring ethical accessories to the forefront of the fashion industry and strengthen the relationship between art and science.

The Hexagon

An integral part of the Siku brand identity parallels the hexagonal shape formed on a molecular level through the bonding of oxygen and hydrogen to form ice. This geometric shape is used in different ways in Siku designs, packaging, and logo. We wanted something in our designs that binds humans with the earth of which they come from, to help rebuild this connection.

We Donate

Siku is a conscious brand contributing 3% of profits to prevention and reversal of climate change as well as donating to non-profit organizations that are offering solutions for our most threatening global issues.